Commercial Services

Are you paying thousands of dollars just to have the trash emptied?

Does your office shine after your cleaning service leaves?... Or does it appear the only difference is that the trash has been emptied?

Imagine coming to work each day and seeing your baseboards sparkle. No loose staples hanging around the carpet. A dust-free computer keyboard and no dust-bunnies living on your desk.

You notice a freshness in the air. Not a strong chemical smell, but a hint of a clean minty one.

Your employees take less sick leave.

And when clients come to your office, they are impressed with the obvious attention to detail in your office…making them feel like they too will get the same care.

You wouldn’t show up to a business meeting wearing a dirty shirt, so why should you invite clients into an office which is half cleaned?

We know how important clients are to a business. We understand first and last impressions. And we want to ensure that your clients aren’t distracted by the layer of dust on your credenza rather than listening to your proposal.

Always Mint Clean will dust your keyboards and computer. Clean your desktop…actually picking up objects in our way and putting them back right where we find them…ensuring a dust-free surface along with the ability to pick up right where you left off the day before.

We will clean your light fixtures.  Dust picture frames and artwork.

We will vacuum your carpets and polish your baseboards.

Your bathroom will sparkle.  And instead of smelling strong chemicals or bleach…you will notice a fresh, light, minty smell.

How much would your company profit from employees taking LESS sick leave… or none at all?

Missed work means missed opportunity.  Dust can affect allergies. Germs can make you sick.  Both lead to lost productivity when your employees miss work.

Always Mint Clean takes the time to wipe down credenzas, bookshelves, filing cabinets… to make sure you aren’t collecting dust which triggers allergies and sparks illness.

We disinfect your phones and doorknobs…all the surfaces that get touched each day and accumulate germs.

Always Mint Clean brings a residential clean to the office… making your office shine down to the last detail.

Oh, and we will take out the trash too.