Frequently Asked Questions

So how do you pick a cleaning service anyway?
There are many questions you should ask a cleaning service before you hire one. Questions such as:

• Are they licensed, insured and bonded?

• What is included in their cleaning service?

• What can and CAN’T they do?

• Will employees pick up items and dust under them?

• What days and hours are they available to clean?

• Are they available for emergency cleanings and on holidays?

• Do you have to have a contract? If so, what are the terms?

• If you have a complaint, who will handle that and how do you reach them?

• What cleaning supplies are used? Can you get a discount if your own cleaning supplies are used? Are there choices in the cleaning methods used?

• If you have specialty items like stainless steel, a special countertop or wood floors…how will these be cleaned?

• How are you charged? By the hour? The square foot? The job? What if there are areas in your home you don’t want cleaned?

• When are you billed?

• What makes your service better than other services out there?

• What is the policy if something isn’t cleaned to your satisfaction?

References available upon request