Residential Services

Chances are better than good if you are looking at this site, you are considering hiring a cleaning service.   So the three questions you need answered are:

  1. Is it worth it to hire a cleaning service?
  2. What should I consider when hiring a cleaning service?
  3. Why hire Always Mint Clean?

Let me start with the first question.

Is it worth it to hire a cleaning service?

If I asked if I could come over right now and photograph your home for a magazine article, would you let me?  Or are you mortified at the very idea of it?
If you are like the majority of homeowners, you would dread the idea of trying to get your home ready for a magazine shoot.   

The fact is most people struggle to keep their home clean and orderly today. 
In a recent survey people sited they felt anxious, embarrassed, and tense at the idea of people seeing their homes.

But your home should be your retreat, not a source of tension.

What are you giving up in order to clean your own house?

Time with your kids?
A lucrative business deal?
Ladies day out shopping and going to the spa?
Cleaning is a thankless job with little to no recognition. Face it, when is the last time someone thanked you for cleaning the house?  But your kids notice and will remember when you make every game they ever play in.

And how often do guests compliment you on your clean home?
Yet if your home isn’t clean, people talk.  They may not say anything to you.  But you can be sure they are talking about it when they leave. You no longer need to give up your precious time to clean.
Hiring a cleaning service can provide you extra hours in your day you didn’t know you had.  And more than you might realize. 

Let’s face it, life happens. The kids get sick. An unexpected friend drops over.  Your car breaks down and you have to arrange to drop it off to get it fixed.  Your kid makes the team and now you have to arrange to get him to practices 3 times a week, plus weekend games.

All the unexpected items add up.  Something has to give and usually cleaning is one of the first things to go.  

So maybe you won’t dust the ceiling fan this week…and next thing you know a mountain of dust the size of a small animal has accumulated on your fan. 
Hiring a cleaning service can give you peace of mind so even when the unexpected happens; your house will still be in order…providing you a serene, peaceful and clean environment to return home to.